Turtle wax HS PRO GRAPHENE Flex WAX 414ml
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Turtle wax HS PRO GRAPHENE Flex WAX 414ml

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This formidable graphene car wax spray unleashes a graphene-infused coating that bonds to wet and dry surfaces for months of unrivaled protection.


Millions of graphene polymers form a tough, hydrophobic shield that preserves your delicate paintwork while creating a deep, eye-popping finish.

Whether you use it as a rinse wax, a dry wax or both, the Pro Flex Wax will save you time and money on car care while making it easy to achieve the ultimate “wow” factor.

  • Professional-grade car wax spray shines and protects both wet and dry car surfaces
  • Graphene flex wax coating prevents scratches, swirls, streaks and oxidation to any nonporous, exterior surface
  • Hydrophobic formula promotes extreme water beading and chemical resistance for superior protection and faster dry time
  • Simple spray-and-wipe formula for quick and easy, on-the-go application as a rinse wax, dry wax or even both!